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Psychotherapist with Over 35 Years of Experience

Located in the East Village, NYC

“Treatment, as a form of conversation… is worth having, especially if it helps us to find new things about ourselves that we didn’t know we could value.”
– Adam Phillips

Rhona Engels, LCSW, ACSWThroughout my thirty-five years of practice as a psychotherapist, I have developed particular expertise in helping people change patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving that prevent them from living more fulfilling lives. Perhaps I can help you. During our work together, you will discover what prevents you from getting more of what you want in life. In the process, you will learn to trust your instincts so that you find your own answers, value and encourage your potential, experience a wider range of feelings, gain deeper self-awareness, and enjoy the pleasure of self-acceptance. As a result, you will feel empowered to achieve what you desire in your professional and personal life.

I will make every effort to respond to you with sensitivity and honesty. From the relationship that develops between us, you will learn a lot about what happens in all your relationships so that you can forge more satisfying connections, including with yourself. 

Let’s discuss how we can work together. You can reach me at 212-353-0911 or by completing the contact form on the left of this page. Your consultation is completely confidential.

 Please note: my clients’ confidentiality is the highest priority for me so I am not “in network” with any managed care or insurance plans. However, my services are credentialed for and reimbursable through many insurance companies’ out of network benefits. I will provide any information and guidance you may need to submit your claim.