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“Anxiety is a defense against fear, a refusal to know what we are frightened of.”
“Our fears are clues to our desires.”
– Adam Phillips

About Anxiety

Abstract blue painting representing how you might feel scattered, undirected, and confused when dealing with anxiety.However painful it feels, chronic anxiety is like a messenger knocking on the door, inviting you to pay attention to certain feelings, thoughts and behaviors that scare you and/or make you feel bad about yourself. Until you can accept the invitation, your anxiety is likely to escalate, affecting your work and relationship with yourself and others. Treatment is about finding the courage to accept the invitation but in a safe and supportive environment where you can confront the feelings that make you feel bad.

Starting Therapy for Anxiety

You may have an anxiety diagnosis such Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, or Agoraphobia. Or you may just experience persistent anxiety symptoms. Either way we start anxiety therapy by exploring your triggers. I will help you change your attitude towards your unwanted companion. Once you can accept its value, we can begin to explore its causes.

Going Deeper Into Anxiety Treatment

In treatment we will likely discover that your anxiety is about the anticipation of disappointments, hurts, losses, humiliations, and rejections that have already happened in your past. Chronic anxiety is designed to keep you safe from the grief you have already experienced. It goes overboard though, constricting you and preventing you from living a more fulfiling life, and sometimes escalating into panic attacks or obsessive compulsive behaviors.

What You Can Expect From Anxiety Therapy

You will gradually learn to take more emotional risks, realizing that the future is open and doesn’t have to repeat your past. In the process, you will feel more empowered to create the life you want and become the kind of person you want to be.

Taking The Next Steps: Working With A Qualified Anxiety Therapist

You may have searched for a “anxiety therapist nyc” and found my website. That is the first step toward feeling better. Starting on the phone and in an initial consultation, I will ask about your struggles with anxiety. As I start to get a sense of your challenges, I will share my observations, opinions, and how I think I can help. You will get a sense of me and how I work. If we seem like a good fit, we will decide how to move forward. Your next step now towards dealing with your anxiety is to contact me by phone or by filling out the contact form.