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“Depression is a self cure for the terrors
of aliveness, of being alive to one’s
losses and therefore to one’s desires.”
– Adam Phillips

Experiencing Depression Can Be Frightening

A black and white image of a person sitting alone on an expansive beach represents the loneliness you can feel when depressed.In life, there are times when everyone feels depressed. Depression is mysterious and isolating, and the triggers are varied. It can be chronic, like a constant, lethargic heaviness. It can come unexpectedly as post-partum depression (PPD) or suddenly as a wave of self-loathing, hopelessness or despair. If you have never experienced these feelings before, or even if you have, their appearance can be very disturbing.

Depression Is More Than a Medical Condition

Our culture tends to see depression as a medical condition. This implies that medication is the only possible solution. Rest assured that this is not necessarily true. While medication may alleviate symptoms in the short term, their effects often fade with time. Psychotherapy, which addresses the powerful patterns of negative thinking, feeling and behaving underlying your depression, is designed to help you achieve long lasting change and a solid sense of well being.

Starting Depression Therapy

A first step in the therapeutic process is to explore together the intensity and quality of your emotions. We will explore painful feelings such as self loathing, rejection, anger, guilt and despair along with the responses you have developed to protect yourself from them.

These responses are like walls that you have built to prevent future repetition of past grief. Unfortunately, these attempts, while heroic, are ultimately futile. Paradoxically, these protective mechanisms become the distress you are trying to protect yourself from. Also, in the effort to shield yourself, you may block out relationships that can help you feel a sense of abundance, joy and love, which, like food and water, you need to lead a fulfilling life. I want you to have these things back.

To gain freedom from depression, we must explore your past to understand what triggers your depression in the present. This will be difficult because it involves addressing negative ways of being in the world whose impact you may not even realize. It includes truly mourning without blame or self blame, the nurture and care you deserved but did not receive. As you come to terms with your past, you will start realizing more of your potential. You’ll live more freely in the present, and feel more empowered and optimistic about the future.

Taking the Next Steps

Starting on the phone and in an initial consultation, I will ask about your struggles with depression. As I start to get a sense of your challenges, I will share my observations, my opinions and how I think I can help. You will get a sense of me and how I work. If we seem like a good fit, we will decide how to move forward. Your next step now towards dealing with your depression is to contact me by phone or by filling out the contact form.