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You’ll never hear the words, “uh huh, and how does that make you feel?” come out of Rhona Engels’ mouth. It’s not because it’s not a good question, but because she’s present, insightful, and wise enough to have a more useful question or comment in mind. She is excellent at her job, but she is also a kind person, who, at least in my case, deeply cares about the larger contours of her patients’ lives. I first came to her as a deeply self critical, fairly depressed person. Though no therapist can wash smooth every stone, I leave Rhona’s office these days increasingly confident, happy, and kinder, to myself and others. I am more myself. The road to a better life is paved with good diet, sleep, exercise, and therapy from excellent professionals like Rhona Engels.


I have seen Rhona at different times over the past several years. She has been an exceptional help to my better understanding myself, my history, my relationships, and how they often relate to depression and anxiety. Rhona is one of several I have seen over the years and she has been hands down the most insightful as well as the most able to call to my attention issues that I likely did not want to see, like my own defensive reactions to getting close to someone, a partner or my family, for instance, that prevented me getting the closeness with these folks I was ostensibly seeking. In addition, she is an outstanding listener, recalling details of our current conversation that slipped my mind, as well as details about past conversations. This is a great asset to have in one’s life, as as she is able to to see how my moods change and help me see how undercurrents in my life affect work, relationship and other decisions, ultimately helping me make decisions, and think about myself, relationships, and people, in ways that generally cause less depression and anxiety, and that have helped me better understand what I’m looking for in life and how to get it… and perhaps most important, how to share it with others, which I’ve come to believe might be the most rewarding but most difficult thing to do in life.