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Therapeutic Approach

“Psychotherapy cannot enable you to know what you want, but only to risk finding out.”
– Adam Phillips

My approach to psychotherapy is experiential. You can anticipate having an experience that deeply affects and changes the way you feel and think about yourself and others. I’m an active listener. I will share with you my thoughts and feelings as I listen. I will help you feel what you are thinking and think about what you are feeling because both are vital for real change.

A delicate painting of a cherry tree branch with flowers represents how fragile you might feel when beginning therapy.

Who Am I?

At critical junctures in our lives, we may ask ourselves this question. We can face an “identity crisis” where we have to re-define what matters and who we want to be. Surprisingly, depression and anxiety may signal the avoidance or fear of self-actualization, becoming your true self.

  • In your 20s or 30s, you may be grappling with separating from and defining yourself in relation to your family of origin. This individuation is critical to your choices in relationships and in work, including the challenge of making them and living with their consequences.
  • If you have chosen to separate from your city or country of origin, you may be grappling with how to adapt, yet remain, or become your own person.
  • If you are in transition—work, divorce, marriage / commitment or a midlife crisis—you may find yourself revisiting unresolved conflicts about what you want and who you want to be.

Finding True Self Through Therapy

When you live more as your true self, you will feel empowered to achieve what you desire in your professional and personal life. Throughout my thirty-six years of practice as a psychotherapist, I have developed particular expertise in helping people change patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving that prevent them from living more fulfilling lives. Perhaps I can help you.

Like a bean plant in progressive stages of growth, therapy can help you grow in confidence.

During our work together, you will discover what prevents you from getting more of what you want in life. Through the process, you will learn to listen to and trust your instincts so that you experience a wider range of feelings, gain deeper self-awareness, value and encourage your potential, and enjoy the pleasure of self-acceptance.

You can expect me to work with you to create an environment that feels welcoming and non-judgmental, so that you feel safe enough to open up. This is very important because thoughtful, emotional risk taking is necessary for real change. For instance, I will invite you to say what you are thinking and feeling in the moment, especially if you are afraid I won’t like it.

It may be useful to include your impressions and feelings about me and mine about you, so we can learn together to what extent all this reflects your relationships in general. In this way, the relationship that develops between us becomes a relatively safe way to discover, explore and change ways of relating so that all your relationships, perhaps most important, your relationship with yourself, become more fulfilling.

Complimentary Consultation

Let’s discuss how we can work together. You can reach me at 917-923-7490 or by completing the contact form on the left of this page. Your consultation is completely confidential.